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Photo Booth Rental: Recommendations to Improve your Experience

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So, have you already decided to relive the reception of your wedding or corporate party with the help of a photo booth and want to make sure your guests take full advantage of this?

Here are some tips on how to make your photo studio have the complete impression.

  1. Accommodation. The placement of your photo booth is extremely important. Try to set it in a clearly visible area near the action. The prefect’s place is next to the bar and / or dance floor. Also, make sure the location of your photo booth Singapore is highlighted in some way so that it does not fit in the dark corner of the room.
  2. Size really matters. Instead of a small “old-fashioned” photo booth that can accommodate only 2-3 people, rent a professional photo booth designed for large groups. Really matters. It’s great fun to see 20 of your guests scream in excitement as they get into the cabin.Photo Booth Rental
  3. Ads / reminders. Be sure to inform your guests about the photo booth, its location and what is available to them for free. Ask your DJ or MC to announce your photo booth overnight. Place a desktop card with information about this to provide a note on the installation site.
  4. The use of accessories. Do you really want to encourage your photo booth rental? The requirements are a prerequisite for weddings, corporate parties, parties, graduations, graduations, family gatherings, fundraising and other events due to the fun they encourage.
  5. External monitor. Find a company that offers an external monitor that plays photo slideshows taken in a photo booth. This generally attracts a crowd and is a great success for guests, creating fun moments and giving them ideas to pose.